Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fan-Fic 'Review'

<------ Nothing to do with my Fan-Fic.

I am rather 'tardy' as a certain purple unicorn would say, so after much consideration I have chosen Fan-Fic Friday has become Fan-Fic Review. The difference being that it will be posted from time to time, there will be only one Fan Fic in the review and it will be reviewed by me, not just posted.


Yes, this is it, I have been putting this off for too long. Here is Spiderses, the greatest piece of fiction written about arachnids and ponies in the history of text and the written language or so it seems, has this piece of fiction gained it's fame due to it's humorous way of writing, it's interesting story or... 'spider secks'. The theory differs to us all, but enough of my ramblings, you want to know what this is and why I picked it. The story follows twilight sparkle and her tool, spike, as the pony is transformed into a spider. She soon meets with a certain red stallion who wonders why he is a spider. They have sex. At this point the author trades some of the humorous writing for some story, the post-unicorn then gives birth to thousands of spiders that steal spike's vital fluids and invade the town. Before the town can become as destroyed as it was in episode 10, a very special Alicorn appears and stops the horde. This mystery character and their spider companion, Merriam Webster, return Twilight and she learns that being a spider is better than being dead.

I'm Ember Glow and I approve this Fic.

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