Rules for Submission

One of our goals for this community is to give Pony fans in the UK a place to showcase your work to the world, whether it be music, video, fanfiction, images or anything else your mind can conceptualise. Feel free to send in anything you've worked on, and if we like it we'll post it!

While we intend to showcase British fanwork, we won't outright ban all international work, so please send us your creations.

(Please keep in mind when submitting; while we will do our best to ensure that as much of the work submitted as possible gets a place on the site, we cannot guarantee that every piece of fanwork submitted to us will feature on the page.)

For all submissions, keep in mind we don't accept any extreme gore and/or shipping.

Amber Flare (

Fanfiction (Additional rules, see below)
Ember Glow (

Images (OC ponies won't make the cut unless they really grab our attention)
Smile Sketch (

Videos/music (Send us stream links, such as YT or soundcloud. Don't send in the whole file in the e-mail)
Zephyr Flash (

Beige Monkfish (

Additional Fanfiction rules

All fanfiction we get will be read in full by our team members, they will decide if it is appropriate for posting. If your creation is featured, you may also get a little note from the pre-reader(s).

Please keep the content tasteful. Ship, dark and sad fics are fine, just don't go overboard. It also helps to get
people to check your work before posting, make sure it's as good as you can make it.

If the fanfic is in need of tweaking/fixing, or if it doesn't qualify for posting based on our rules, we will unfortunately not be able to feature it. In this case, you may get an email from us informing you of the reason why it could not be featured.

NOTE: Please do not e-mail us files or documents. We request that you make use of an external hosting site (, Google Docs,Deviant Art etc) which you should then send us the link to.

To send in fanfiction, submit in the following template. Make sure to check it's right before you send it. Also,
include an image if you can. We can't promise a suitable image otherwise.

Subject: "Fanfiction Submission/Update: [Title]"

[Stick any comments here. These won't get posted]
1. Chapter link(s)
2. Short fanfic description
3. Genre (anything you think is aplicable)
4. Author
5. Search tags

Thanks everyone! Let us know if anything needs changing!

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